Saturday, September 15, 2007

And cue Yora!

Hey everyone! Yora here! So, when Kalira sugjested this blog to share all he un hypno stuff we've been doing, i thought it was a GREAT idea! Her, Tindo, and myself have been having a LOT of hypno fun and i can't wait to share it all with you! So If your not familiar with my other blog, my name is Yora, aka Yora vig in the wonderful world of SL. I'm the other one wth the trigger (see Tindo's post, LOL). Kali is a great hypnotist. and no she didn't make me say that, hehehe. Tin likes to play with mine ALOT doing some pretty wacky things to me.

My triggers I have so far are a freeze trigger. This one makes me lockup in RL unable to move at all. I have a pause trugger. this one makes me lose time while paused. I also have a general triger that Tin and Kali can use to make me do whatever they want! So far I've mooed like a cow, forgotten my name, thought I was someone else, and all sorts of fun things!

So, now that the intros are out of the way, if anyone has any questions for us ask away! We really want to hear from you!

Tindo, another of the 3

Hey there readers!
I'm Tindo, known in Second Life as Tindo Shi, I'm one of the ones with a trigger.
I also enjoy playing with Yora trigger from time to time, and I get 'wicked' streaks every now and again but for the most part I'm not too bad. I think I've got more hypnotic jumbo leftovers in my head then I could count, but currently one one trigger seems to work, though it is mostly a 'do anything' trigger. Oh, yes, and most importantly I am Canadian! x3


Kalira, the hypnotist

Hey everyone, I'm Kalira, and here's my introduction.

On SL I'm known as Kalira Seibert, so feel free to say hi if you ever see me. I've known Yora and Tin for awhile now, and we've all been really close friends. I'm the hypnotist of the group, the one who brings Tin and Yora under and messes with their little heads, giving them triggers and stuff. I have a lack of evil in me, so sometimes it's hard for me to think up ideas for things to do to them, so any ideas are definitely welcome. I don't have any hypnotic triggers myself, I've actually never gone under, because I prefer to bring others under. I'm not sure if Tin and Yora will explain their triggers to you, if not then don't worry, I will!


Hey everyone, Kalira here. Me, and my friends Tindo and Yora will be posting here about our various hypnosis experiences. First we'll each post a little about ourselves, then we'll get with the storytelling. Most of the stories involve all three of us, so you'll get three different perspectives. I hope you all like our little blog!